MY REVIEW: Running Hydration Belt

Product Description
Looking for honest thorough Amazon reviews :) will give product away for $2.99 with a promo code.

The product is a Runner's hydration belt - great for marathons or runs of any distance.

Includes a pocket in the center to store your iPod or iPhone and 2 watter bottles to allow easy re-hydration while on a run.

Attaches to the waist with a adjustable belt.


I have been wanting a hydration belt since I started running. But I really had no need for it. But now that I am running more distance and hiking this has come at a perfect timing. I like the quality and the zipup pouch to put my phone. I cannot stand the armbands. I liked them at first but at the end I found myself carrying my phone so I can read my distance and change music stations. We are hiking this weekend and I am so excited to wear this on the hike. Love this belt so much I am getting my husband one too. 

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