MY REVIEW: BriaUSA Shirt/Dress Velvet Hanger Black 10

Product Description

  • 10 PCS PREMIUM QUALITY; slim construction saves space; your closet accommodates more clothes.
    NOTCHED SHOULDERS; prevents cloths from slipping, provide extra support for garments.
    SWIVEL HOOKS; sturdy steel swiveling design attaches to the shoulders for easy maneuvering.
    STURDY CONSTRUCTION; can hold and support most garments.
    MULTI-PURPOSE; great for hanging Shirts, Dresses, Blouses & Accessories. Backed by full money back guarantee.


I liked the other hangers a lot. Sturdy and I really needed some good hangers for my closet up here where I am at. But these are so different. They are very lightweight and for t-shirts,blouses and not for a button up cotton men's shirt. I tried using it for a standard oxford button up shirt and  the hanger broke. The hangers are sleek and perfect for a lightweight shirt. I personally would not order these hangers. I dropped one and it broke. My toe stepped on another and broke. I am not a heavy person to break even a plastic cheapy hanger to break it. So these are not a favorite. I do like the other hangers I reviewed by them. Not so much these.~Tiffany


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