What Does Apple Cider Vinegar Do For Your Hair?

At-home hair remedies are all the rage these days – we’ve talked about them before when we shared Blake Lively’s secret tip on using mayo on her hair. Now we’ve discovered a new product that sounds like you’d put it on a salad, but instead it’s one of the best hair rinse we’ve encountered…
We’re talking about Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Hair Rinse by our newest brand, dpHUE. Of course we know it might sound a little crazy, but trust us on this one. Our team gave it a shot and we’re hooked.
Of course we totally understand if you need a little more convincing, which is why we wanted to talk about the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar and how to use it:
What does Apple Cider Vinegar do for your hair?
Apple Cider Vinegar acts as a rinse that gently removes impurities from hair. ACV has been used since ancient times for hair and scalp care. Don’t forget – your scalp should be treated the same way you treat your skin…it needs a deep cleanse on a regular basis. The vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids in ACV remove build-up without harsh surfactants, restoring the natural pH of your hair and sealing the cuticle for noticeably shiny hair.
But don’t worry – you don’t need to head to the grocery store to get the ingredients to make this on your own: dpHUE has taken this age-old ingredient and infused it with modern technology to rejuvenate your hair. They’ve even taken it one step further by infusing ACV with Argan Oil, Fire Tulip, Lavender Extract, Aloe Vera and more.
The bottom line? We’re talking about a product that:
  1. Cleanses AND acts as a natural conditioner
  2. Improves your hair’s ability to maintain moisture
  3. Detangles
  4. Treats hair loss
  5. Acts as a clarifying treatment to remove product buildup without stripping hair’s natural oils
  6. Balances pH (hence the “pH” in dpHUE)
  7. Reduces frizz
  8. Treats dry, itchy scalps
  9. Prevents split ends
Need we say more?
How do you use Apple Cider Vinegar in your hair?
If you’re like us, the first question you asked (after you heard the benefits of ACV) is: How am I supposed to use this stuff? Our team had different routines, but the “sweet spot” we found is to use it as a replacement for shampoo at least once a week (depending on how often you wash your hair). Consider it a juice cleanse for your hair to restore it to its natural state before you start adding products again.
These simple steps are really all you need:
  1. Wet scalp and hair
  2. Squeeze excess water out
  3. Using the bottle tip, create a few small parts in your hair and gently squeeze the product onto your scalp
  4. Massage into hair and scalp the same way you would with shampoo (note: ACV doesn’t actually lather, but the cleansing effect is still the same!)
  5. Leave in 1-3 minutes
  6. Rinse thoroughly
  7. Condition your ends if desired
  8. Use any styling products on damp hair the same way you would after using regular shampoo
We promise you’ll be hooked. And don’t worry – your hair won’t smell like vinegar. ACV by dpHUE will leave your hair with a fresh scent.


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