MY REVIEW: Forlan Night Cream

Product Description: 

Night Cream with Vitamin A, C & E, Collagen, Licorice and Hyaluronic Acid - Best Night Cream for Deeply Moisturizing Dry or Oily Skin of All Ages, with Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle Properties. Great Emollient for Sagginess Around Face, Eyes and Neck - Ultra Hydration for Men & Women - 2oz - Proudly Made in the USA


Now I am not one to buy or review any other product other than my prescription Retin-A and my Glycolic 18% lotion. I only use these and alternate. But I am up here and my prescription ran out and I am not going back home for another week. So I decided to try this and alternate my glycolic lotion. I am also using a retinol serum along with it. It is very luxurious and my skin feels amazing. I do love this cream when I use it on top of the Retinol. And I know if I was using my Retin-A this would be a great cream to use on top of it. If you do not use Retinol products this is a great hydrating cream. I really loved it. A beauty 10.

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