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Hi BodyRockers,
Today we have TWO workouts for you again. An awesome Ab Workout with Lisa & Karim is in the Plus today waiting for you with a Kick Ass Bonus.
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Miss a day?

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Day 8 | Day 9

Workout Breakdown

  • Set Your Interval Timers to 50 Seconds on with a 10 second rest. Complete the following workout.
  • Advanced BodyRockers - Smash this out twice through.
  1. V-Abs (Left)
  2. V-Abs (Right)
  3. Knee Side (Left)
  4. Left Touch Opposite (Left)
  5. Knee Side (Right)
  6. Left Touch Opposite (Right)
  7. Reverse Fast Down
  8. Reverse Fast Up
  9. Toe Touch (Left + Right)
  10. Reverse + V
  11. Tuck Abs
  12. Pike Abs

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