MY REVIEW: Lace Mesh Shower Poufs XL

Product Description
Mesh & Lace Loofah XL — Two revitalizing textures cleanse & soothe the skin

Bathe big and lather large with luxurious mesh & lace loofah by Shower Bouquet. Give your body extra care with the full coverage of our 60gm extra large bath sponge. You'll love the exfoliating touch and comforting feel of this long-lasting shower pouf!

Sold in a package of 4 lovely colors: yellow, blue, pink and purple.

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I use poufs and have used them for many years. But these were far different and better than anyone I have ever purchased. They came 4 in a package. Yellow,Blue,Purple and Pink. They are lacy and big. Like they made them out of lace bloomers. They suds up nicely. A little goes a long way. My son like them so much he chose the blue for himself. I love them and give them a beauty 10!

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