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MY REVIEW: Vita Advanced Probiotic & Giveaway: Winner is Lisa Beckham!!!


Product Description Announcing Smart Support for Your Digestive and Immune System Health

When you have stomach discomfort, bloated feeling, heavy feeling after meals, irregularity or other stomach troubles you need support that you can trust. Whether this discomfort is caused by Diarrhea, Gas and Bloating, Constipation, Digestive Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome it will have a serious effect on how you feel. This is where our Probiotic may help you.

Probiotics are recognized for their benefits in promoting a healthy digestive tract and immune system including the reduction of pathogens responsible for diarrhea and the restoration of microflora in the intestinal tract following the use of antibiotics.  Probiotics are live microorganisms, or "good bacteria" that are a fundamental part of human nutrition, and the human body. These microscopic organisms line the digestive track and help fight off "bad bacteria", viruses, infections and more.

Our Probiotic may hel…

Top 10 High Antioxidant Foods

Antioxidants are substances that help prevent certain types of cell damage, especially those caused by oxidation. When certain types of oxygen molecules are allowed to travel freely in the body they cause what is known as oxidative damage which is the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are very dangerous to the body’s tissues and have been connected to cancer and premature aging. The body uses antioxidants to prevent itself from the damage caused by oxygen. Oxidative damage plays a major role in disease today and has been linked to health conditions like heart disease, cancer and dementia. Some of the benefits of consuming antioxidant rich foods include: Slower agingHealthy glowing skinReduced cancer riskDetoxification supportLonger life span Most fruits, vegetables, and herbs contain antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, flavanoids and lycopene. There is no RDA or Daily Value set for antioxidants. The levels of antioxidants is evaluated by ORAC Score (oxygen radical a…

The New Year Workout


You will need: 

Here's how it works:

- a single dumbbell complex
- 3 moves, 1 minute each, back to back to back
- 30s/side for unilateral moves
- Rest 1 minute between rounds or skip
- Perform up to 4 total rounds for a 16-minute workout
- Do 2-3 workouts per week with ideally 48 hours between sessions
- First look to increase your reps with the same load within each time frame. Then you can increase the weight in small 2.5-5lb increments.

Phase I- 2-3 weeks
1- Goblet Squat (60s)
2- 1-Arm Split Kneeling Overhead Press L/R (30s/side)
3- 1-Arm Quadruped Rows L/R (30s/side)

Phase II- 2-3 weeks
1- 1-Arm Front Squat L/R (30s/side)
2- 1-Arm Split Stance Overhead Press L/R (30s/side)
3- 1-Arm Bent-Over Row L/R (30s/side)

Food Matters 3 Day Detox Cleanse-January 9th

Dry Skin BrushingDry skin brushing is another economical and easy way to detoxify. Dead skin cells are sloughed away, the lymphatic and immune systems are stimulated while toxin harboring cellulite is reduced. 
A wide, long-handled natural bristle brush is all that’s needed. Begin with dry skin and brush in upward strokes toward the heart. The feet are a good place to start. Brush the legs, arms, back and abdomen. It takes only 5-10 minutes to brush the entire body. Make sure to enjoy a hot shower afterwards, drink a big glass of water and breathe deeply. Your happily purified body will thank you.
Green Detox Juice This recipe makes approximately two 8 ounce servings. 5 stalks of Kale or Spinach3 Apples1 Lemon1 CucumberInstructions: Wash all the ingredients and run them through the juicer. (If you’re using a slow-juicer, run a bit of water through the juicer last, in order to catch all of the last bits of flavor.) As with any juice, feel free to substitute any ingredients you don’t like …

3 Day Detox Summary by Food Matters


5 Simple Tricks to Ensure Your New Year’s Eve Makeup Lasts the Night

Photo: ImaxTree The excitement of the evening may very well have worn off by the time the clock strikes twelve, but there’s one thing that shouldn’t—your makeup. Although New Year’s Eve is one of the longest nights of the year (well, it certainly feels like it is), that doesn’t mean you should spend half the night in the bathroom doing touch-ups. Apply your New Year’s Eve makeup right the first time, and you can save room in your clutch for the important stuff, like those tacky 2015 glasses. Below, find tips to prevent makeup’s worst offenders. Droopy Lashes“When applying mascara, make sure that you’re not only coating the lashes, but pressing the wand into the base as well,” says Ami Shvartzman, the Director of Education for Osmosis Skincare & Colour Cosmetics. “This will ensure that your fringe has a slight curvature and that your lashes will stand up to their full potential, pun intended.” Look for a wand with stiff bristles, like Osmosis Defining Mascara. Bleeding LipstickSkip …

3 Day Shopping List for Food Matters Detox


RIPPED Rep Challenge #2 by DailyHIIT

Ripped Rep #2 Posted by Krissy Moore
Ready for another Rep challenge? I was so beat after the last one I created that you can see here, I decided to make another! Like the last one, complete 10 reps of each exercise before moving on to the next with NO rest in between. After you have finished the 10 reps of all 8 exercises, rest between 30-60 seconds and start the next round. Shoot for 5-10x thru. I used 15 pound dumbbells for the weights and completed 10 rounds in 44 minutes (this includes taking 30 seconds rest in between each round). Five rounds took me 21 minutes! Keep your form spot on, and only rest during the round if you absolutely have to. RIPPED Rep Challenge #2  1) Switch Jump Lunges
2) Plank Row/Push ups
3) Double Mt. Climbers
4) Sumo Squat with Bicep Curl
5) Alternating Side Squat Thrust
6) Clean Press
7) 2 Jump Squats + 1 Sumo Jump Squat
8) Ab Switch Kicks (on ground) See below for examples of all the above exercises if needed!

MY REVIEW:Nutrient Wise Pure Raspberry Ketone


Product Description
Raspberry Ketone is a natural phenolic compound that is responsible for the heavenly aroma of red raspberries and is the fastest growing dietary product in the world. We have been attracted to raspberries for many years because of their vibrant colour and sweet and tangy taste. Nutritionists are learning that these exciting fruits also contain ketones and believe that they are as healthy and beneficial to the body as they are delicious. Dr Oz who is a cardiac surgeon, author and Daytime Emmy-winning host of The USA Dr Oz Show identified Raspberry Ketone to be "The number one miracle in a bottle" during one of his famous shows. Manufactured in the USA.
Suggested use: As a dietary supplement take 1 capsule twice a day. For best results take 20-30 minutes before a meal or as directed by your physician.


I love the Raspberry Ketones. And that they help curb your appetite. Especially during the holidays. Because me I am so guilty over indulging on…

Meatza Recipe

Recipe by:

2 lbs. grass fed ground beef1 Tablespoon Italian seasoning1/4- 1/2 cup of pizza, optional1/2 cup cheese, for toppingFavorite pizza toppings
Instructions Place grass fed beef in bowl with dried Italian Seasoning mixture, a little garlic and (1) cage free egg.Use a 12” round pizza pan and line with parchment paper cut to size. Use a spatula to press out meat in pan evenly. Bake at 400 degrees for about 20-25 mins. There will be a lot of excess grease and it will shrink some. Remove carefully and pour excess grease off and pat with paper towel. Remove paper.Add your favorite pizza sauce. Spread about ¼ - ½ cup over meat.Add your favorite pizza toppings. We used uncured pepperoni, chopped green & yellow peppers, red onion, sliced mushrooms, torn fresh spinach, a few sliced heirloom tomatoes and a little 4-cheese Italian blend shredded cheese.Return to oven about 15 minutes. Remove and slice with a pizza cutt…

How To Apply Blush and MY REVIEW: Paula Dorf Blush

I have never heard of this makeup line. I swear there is so much makeup out there. I was so lucky to win. The color was bright and looked very pigmented. I love pigmented colors. They are true to it and they have staying power. The color I won was Jingle. Pretty color. Different color that I have not ever used. I wore this for a few days. So I am looking up her profile and about Paula Dorf. Very impressive clientele. Paula is famous for unique "trick" products that offer solutions to every woman's makeup concerns, such as Transformer® (from eye shadow to liquid liner), Perfect Illusion® for lips (ends feathering lips), Perfect Illusion® for eyes (smoothes skin), Perfect Primer® (keeps foundation fresh), Enhancer® baby eyes (brightens eyes) and Clean-Up Stick® (erases makeup mistakes)

After working on her unparalleled brush collection, Paula was inspired to create a high quality, long-wearing, easy to use color cosmetic line that is designed for every woman. Paul…

Just Go January Challenge by DailyHIIT

Just Go January ChallengePin This! Posted by Kelsey Mead
January 1 – 10 Pushups, 10 Squats, 1 min skip
January 2 – 10 Burpees, 15 Squats, 1 min skip
January 3 – 10 Pushups, 20 Squats, 1 min skip Week 2
January 4 – 20 Burpees, 25 Squats, 2 min skip
January 5 – 20 Pushups, 30 Squats, 2 min skip
January 6 – 20 Burpees, 35 Squats, 2 min skip
January 7 – 20 Pushups, 40 Squats, 2 min skip
January 8 – 20 Burpees, 45 Squats 2 min skip
January 9 – 20 Pushups, 50 Squats, 2 min skip
January 10 – 20 Burpees, 55 Squats, 2 min skip Week 3
January 11 – 30 Pushups, 60 Squats, 3 min skip
January 12 – 30 Burpees, 65 Squats, 3 min skip
January 13 – 30 Pushups, 70 Squats, 3 min skip
January 14 – 30 Burpees, 75 Squats, 3 min skip
January 15 – 30 Pushups, 80 Squats, 3 min skip
January 16 – 30 Burpees, 85 Squats, 3 min skip
January 17 – 30 Pushups, 90 Squats, 3 min skip Week 4
January 18 – 40 Burpees, 95 Squats, 4 min skip
January 19 – 40 Pushups, 100 Squats, 4 min skip
January 20 – 40 Burpees, 105 Squats,…


philipino Pancit Recipe (Stir-fried Bihon noodles) THIS DISH IS AWESOME!!!

Author: Chef Pablo

Serves: 4-8

Thin rice noodles mixed with chicken, pork, shrimp, cabbage and carrots and then seasoned with a light soy sauce.

◦1 Package (8-12 oz) Rice Noodles; Labeled “Pancit Bihon” or just “Bihon”
◦1 teaspoon Vegetable oil
◦1 Onion; Finely sliced
◦4 cloves Garlic; minced
◦1 cup boneless chicken breasts; diced
◦1 cup Pork; diced
◦½ cup Shrimp; Bay or salad shrimp
◦8 cups Cabbage; Shredded (approx.1 sm head)
◦4 Carrots; Julienned
◦¼ cup Soy Sauce; Light (Silver Swan brand is from the Philippines)
◦¼ cup Chicken Broth; Optional – Depending on how soft you like it
◦1 Egg; Hard Boiled sliced for garnish

1.Take the dry noodles and submerge them in warm water and then set them aside while you prepare everything else (but not for too long).
2.Boil your egg if it’s not already.
3.Place a large skillet or wok on the stove over a medium heat.
4.Pour the vegetable oil in the skillet or wok.

MY REVIEW: Foxbrim Seaweed Complex Lotion


Product Description Foxbrim's Seaweed Complex Lotion

Product Description:

Foxbrim's Seaweed Complex Lotion takes your daily lotion to the next level. The life of the ocean is bottled for perfect and healthy beauty. Nature continues to hold the key to true beauty. Seaweed Complex Lotion utilizes phytochemicals, polysaccharides and 90+ minerals and micro minerals to bring the restorative and youthening elements of the ocean to you in a bioavailable format. This light and fresh lotion will create balanced and nourished skin. Rapidly restore firmness to tired and worn skin. Boost collagen production while filling in existing wrinkles. Amazingly, anti-radiation properties found in this complex protect from daily and long term sun damage and progressive aging of the skin. 

Key Ingredients Include:

+ Phytochemicals - Effectively prevents premature aging of the skin. 
+ Polysaccharides - Essential building block for skin repair and renewal. 
+ Organic Spirulina (Blue Green Algae) - Re…

MY REVIEW: Adeline Organic Eye Serum


Product Description Have crow's feet, fine lines, discoloration, brown spots, dark circles, or puffiness around your eyes added years to your appearance?
Dull, wrinkled, discolored, or puffy skin around your eyes can make you appear years or even decades older than you really are. Who wants that?
Our eye serum can reverse the signs of aging, giving you a more vibrant, youthful appearance.
Why choose our Organic Eye Serum? Because it works!
We've chosen only the most effective, natural ingredients to help you restore your youthful appearance:
+ Cucumber extract, like other extracts in the aloe family, moisturizes your skin to diminish lines and wrinkles.
+ Chamomile extract soothes the skin around your eyes and reduces puffiness.
+ Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice improves collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crow's feet.
+ Sunflower seed oil contains antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E to prevent free radical damage, and fatty acids to prevent premature aging…