5 Simple Tricks to Ensure Your New Year’s Eve Makeup Lasts the Night

Photo: ImaxTree
Photo: ImaxTree
The excitement of the evening may very well have worn off by the time the clock strikes twelve, but there’s one thing that shouldn’t—your makeup. Although New Year’s Eve is one of the longest nights of the year (well, it certainly feels like it is), that doesn’t mean you should spend half the night in the bathroom doing touch-ups. Apply your New Year’s Eve makeup right the first time, and you can save room in your clutch for the important stuff, like those tacky 2015 glasses. Below, find tips to prevent makeup’s worst offenders.
Droopy Lashes“When applying mascara, make sure that you’re not only coating the lashes, but pressing the wand into the base as well,” says Ami Shvartzman, the Director of Education for Osmosis Skincare & Colour Cosmetics. “This will ensure that your fringe has a slight curvature and that your lashes will stand up to their full potential, pun intended.” Look for a wand with stiff bristles, like Osmosis Defining Mascara.
Bleeding LipstickSkip the reapplication, even after a New Year’s kiss, with Shvartzman’s long-lasting recipe. “The key to making a great lip stay,” she says, “is light layers of color.” Fill in the lips completely with lip pencil and apply a long-wear lipstick, like CoverGirl Colorlicious Lipstick, on top, then blot, add a light dusting of powder, and repeat. If you want a shinier finish, dab on a non-sticky lip gloss, as powder tends to mattify lip color.
Smudged Eyes“The great thing about a smoky eye is that you don’t have to be neat and precise,” says Shvartman. “The rule is the messier, the sexier.” However, using the right products helps to streamline. “A long-wear cream liner, like Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon, will ensure that your eye look will last all night,” Shvartzman recommends. If you find that the product still runs, try using the same colored liner and mascara to make it look intentional—just smudge the products with your fingertip to blend.
Barely-There BrowsKeep ‘em bold, even through a night of dancing, with a waterproof gel. “Using a brow gel or wax with a more water-resistant quality will ensure that a brow will stay all night long. Osmosis Brow Gel helps to keep unruly brows in place while depositing waterproof color that lasts,” Shvartman advises.
Flaky SkinFlaky skin can be the downfall of your glowing complexion—read: the staying power of your favorite foundation—and exfoliation is the key to keeping it at bay. “Use a slightly more occlusive moisturizer this time of year, and add one or two pumps of oil” for deeper penetration, Shvartman says. After your makeup is done, spray the face with a hydrating setting spray, like Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix.

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