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GOOP's 5-Day Clean Eating Detox

Hello Beauties!๐Ÿ’œ

I have posted a few new detox diets in the last month. But April is a great month to begin your clean eating journey. Time to rid all the nasty processed foods and sugar. I will be intermittent fasting with this one. So this may be a few weeks long. I will get 2 meals in at the least which will be a high calorie of the meals listed and one of the lunches plus a snack. And smoothie one day and a high calorie dinner. These are based on a Clean Diet program. You eat whole, fresh and delicious foods prepared at home. To me this is a great start on cleaning up your diet. Remember to sweat, do facials, dry brush, drink teas, bathe and stretch. I love Goops take on a detox. It actually is a form of really healthy clean eating. I also will not be doing any extra grains, I will be doing this as Paleo as possible. But below is a Vegan option too.  Begin your journey today.~Tiffany๐Ÿ’‹

The heavy hitters we eliminate in this five-day meal plan are: caffeine alcohol dairy gluten co…