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BodyRock HiitMax | Workout 71 – Burn Fat & Maximize the Afterburn with 4 n’ 4 – Full Workout


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Fre..ddy Get The Whole Workout – Here . , HIITMAX Workout 71 : .. BodyRock HiitMax | Workout 71 – Burn Fat & Maximize the Afterburn with 4 n’ 4 
There’s is NO cardio today – ( Unless you want to of course )
Set your Interval Timers to 30 seconds on and a 10 second rest if you are completing this without the video. Original Workout Video Link - Workout 5 .. 1. Standing Flys – Alternate 4 n’ 4
2. 4 x Switch Biceps Holds – L & R Alternate
3. Shoulder Press – Alternate 4 n’ 4
4. Upright Row – 4 n’ 4
5. Squats – 4 n’ 4
7. Tricep Dips – 4 n’ 4
8. Front & Side Raise
9. Bent-over Row – 4 n’ 4
10. Chest Press – 4 n’ 4

Detox Salad 2

Ingredients 2 broccoli crowns1 head cauliflower2-3 carrots1 small bunch kale (stems removed)½ cup parsley½ cup sunflower seeds½ cup almonds, chopped1 cup dried berries (cherries, cranberries, blueberries)½ cup raisinsJuice of one lemon2 tablespoons rice vinegar (or other mild flavored vinegar)2 tablespoons maple syrupSalt & pepper (to taste) Instructions Cut the broccoli and cauliflower into florets.Cut the carrots into large chunks.Roughly chop the kale.In a food processor fitted with a steel blade, process the broccoli, cauliflower, kale and parsley until fine and add them to a large mixing bowl. (It will probably take more than one batch)Process the carrots and add to the bowl.Stir to combine.Add the sunflower seeds, almonds, and dried fruit.Stir to combine.Add lemon juice, vinegar and syrup.

10 Reasons To Eat Way More Nuts & Seeds

If I had a dollar for every time I told patients to eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds … well, you probably know where this is going. Why nuts and seeds? What is it about that group of foods that leads to a strong, science-based recommendation? Why do I keep a tin of mixed ground tree nuts and seeds in my fridge to sprinkle on soups, salads and casseroles? The answer is in health and longevity. Here are 10 amazing facts to consider for your diet. 1. Nuts can help with weight control. In the Adventist Health Study, which examined obesity and metabolic syndrome in more than 800 people, there was a strong inverse relationship between tree nut consumption and developing these medical conditions. Other studies have also shown that eating tree nuts does not lead to weight gain and the high concentration of fiber and nutrients offsets the calories consumed. 2. Nuts may reduce heart deaths in the elderly. In a larger analysis of the Adventist Health Study examining death in r…

How to Make Your Makeup Last Through Date Night and Beyond

ImaxTree A good lesson on how to make your makeup last through date night is pertinent every time of the year, but it’s especially relevant with Valentine’s Day on the horizon. When we’re headed out on a hot date, the last thing we want to worry about is our makeup going south before the evening is over. Just like any great date-night cocktail, there are a few essential ingredients that can make or break the results of your makeup application. If longevity is your goal, make sure you follow these basic rules. Keep it simple.
Create a simple look that won’t require a lot of touch-ups—the idea is to focus on your date instead of whether your lipstick is smudged, says makeup artist and beauty expert Jami Svay. Go for a lip stain rather than a bold color or gloss as there will naturally be less fussing to worry about. Primers are key.
Using a foundation primer before applying your complexion products is critical as it smooths out the skin and helps you stay matte over the course of the night…