MY REVIEW: Island Vibrance Coconut Colon Cleanse


Product Description
Naturally cleanse your body with this unique formula.
Island Vibrance Coconut Colon Cleanse gently removes build up of harmful toxins and waste from your lower intestines while improving your body's absorption of vitamins and minerals. It kick starts your body's metabolic rate by removing stress on the pancreas, thereby burning more calories. After your body enjoys this nourishing superfood experience, you will feel energized and rejuvenated to live your best life. This product was meticulously created in our FDA regulated and certified cGMP lab with only premium all natural quality ingredients.

  • ★ WHAT ELSE DOES IT DO? ★ Coconut is a high-fiber food and has been counted on as a all-natural laxative for thousands of years. The contents in this bottle are enough to cover a 30 day detox. Not only is this product amazing for weight loss, but it actually enhances your health by detoxing the body of the hundreds of toxins that have accumulated in your body over the years. Those toxins, over time not only lead to a variety of health issues and diseases, but often times will cause you to feel weak, tired and lethargic. At the end of this 30 day cleanse, your body will have released many pounds of back up feces that have sat in your intestines for week and months, possibly years. The result of all this being cleansed from your body is a happy and healthier you. 

I have done a few of these all have done well and some even better. This one much cleaner. Meaning the ingredients no belly trouble. Sometimes when I took another brand it would give me a little tummy ache. Nothing to cry about but it did. I really think because the ingredients was much harsher. This one I like the ingredient much better. No tummy trouble. No rushing to the bathroom. And right now this is perfect for my Keto Paleo eating style I am on now. I have goals and reaching them right now seem so very possible. This is really helping. IN Ketosis you can have some digestive issues. But I have been taking this and probiotics and no problems at all. Also what is pretty amazing about this company is they donate $1 to the Feed My Starving Children Fund.  This is far my favorite cleanse. I might have said that with another but I like this even better. 

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