32 Minute Timed Rep BOOT CAMP Workout!

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Posted by Krissy Moore

32 Minute Timed Rep Boot Camp Workout

TIMERS: 3.30 on, 30 sec Rest, 8 rounds
1) 8x star Jumps + 8x Reverse Pull Ups (equalizer)
2) 15x Log/Hurdle Jumps + 15x Clean and Press (sandbag)
3) 8x Push up, In/Out ab, Tuck Jump + 8x KB Swings (KB, Sandbag or Dumbbell)
4) 15x 1 Leg Lunge/1 arm Shoulder Press (Both Sides) + 30x Mt.Climbers
5) 15x Weighted Jump Squats + 15x 180 Front Raise (Plate, Dumbbell)
6) 8x Frog Jump to Push Up + 8x Tuck Jumps
7) 15x Bosu/Step Jump Overs + 15x Bosu/Elevated Tricep Push Up 
8) 8x Jump Lunges + 8x TRX Row ( or Bent Over Row with DB/Bar/Tubing etc. )


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