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Slow Sweet Italian Sausage


1medium sizedhead of cabbagecore removed and chopped3mediumpotatoespeeled and chopped3carrotspeeled and chopped1smallonionpeeled and chopped2poundsSweet Italian Sausage cut into 2 inch pieces1cupchicken broth1/2teaspoonsalt1/2teaspoon pepper2tablespoonsbrown sugar1teaspoonminced garlic

Instructions Add ingredients to the slow cooker in this order:  cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onion and Sweet Italian Sausage. Pour chicken broth on top of all the ingredients.  Sprinkle salt, pepper, brown sugar and minced garlic on top. Close lid and cook on LOW for 6 hours.    Enjoy!

6 Benefits of Green Tea

Benefits of Green Tea for SkinDrinking and applying green tea fights skin cancer. by promoting DNA repair. Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant called EGCG that fights DNA damage from UV rays to prevent skin cancer. That means it’s also a potent anti-aging ingredient that combats signs of aging when ingested or applied topically.I love green tea for its anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to its high content of polyphenols called catechins. The catechins in green tea reduce irritation, redness, and swelling. Using Algallure Skin Care Collection for a pampering way to enjoy the benefits of green tea for skin. It’s an intensely hydrating skincare collection that absorbs into your skin for reduced redness and soothed skin.Green tea is powerful antibacterial agent for treating acne and uncloging pores. Polyphenols in green tea damage bacterial membranes and fight against infection, meaning that it’s a useful tool for treating bacterial growth that causes acne. It helps kill systemi…

South Carolina BBQ Sauce

Ingredients1 1/2cupprepared yellow mustard2/3cupbrown sugar6tbspketchup3tbspWorcestershire sauce2tbspapple cider vinegar2tspwhite vinegar1tspFrank's Red Hot1tspgarlic powder1/2tspblack pepper Instructions Combine all ingredients and mix well. Use immediately or refrigerate several hours or overnight to allow flavors to blend better.

Why Moisturizing is Important

How we treat our skin reflects how we treat ourselves. Using skin care products and having the knowledge of how to use them can help prevent common skin care issues and premature signs of aging. Skin care with quality ingredients helps to promote healthy skin whereas poor ingredients can cause breakouts and long-term damage. Some of my favorite ingredients are in Algallure Skin Care. Here are 5 reasons why skin care is important: 1.You need a good skin care routine to achieve a flawless makeup look
A makeup routine is a must for most women (and some men), but surprisingly most people don’t realize the importance of investing in good skin care to prep for your makeup. As well as using toners and primers, moisturizing your skin with an infused oil will help you achieve a flawless look. 2.You can look as young as you feel by treating your skin with care and love
Moisturizing your skin has proven to help reduce wrinkles especially if you start young. Ingredients like red algae and vitamin c…

12 Minute Boxer by 12 Minute Athlete

Workout equipment:
Workout type: 12 Minute Timer setting: 18 x :10 x :30 1. Straight punches
2. Shoulder touch push ups
3. Hook punches
4. Jump lunges
5. Punching burpees
6. Lying windshield wipers
Bonus: 150 Double unders

Tomato Harvest Ketchup

This recipe combines just picked tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, garlic, and celery. It’s thick and smooth with a rich, complex flavor you’ll never find in store-bought ketchup. (If you want store-bought flavor add double or triple the amount of sugar in the recipe.) Ingredients1 tablespoon olive or other oil8 pounds tomatoes (24 medium), cored and quartered2 bell peppers, stemmed, seeded and roughly chopped½ cup roughly chopped onion (1 medium)4 cloves garlic, peeled¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper, or to taste¾ cup RAW sugar or honey1-2 cups cider or wine vinegar1½ inches stick cinnamon, broken1½ teaspoons whole cloves1 celery stalk, roughly chopped or 1 teaspoon celery seeds1 tablespoon salt InstructionsCore and quarter tomatoes; drain. Chop the bell peppers, onions, and celery.Place olive oil in an 8- to 10- quart stainless steel, enamel, or nonstick heavy kettle or pot or large saucepan and turn heat to medium-high. Combine the tomatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, and celery. Cook covered …


Based on Apple-grilled Double-cut Pork Chops, provided by the James Beard Foundation(ThermoWorks is a proud sponsor): INGREDIENTS2 Two-inch thick pork chops (bone in or boneless)1 Granny Smith apple1 Tbsp ground mustard3 Tbsp apple butterCoarse saltBlack pepper For the apricots: 2 Apricots2 Tbsp honey INSTRUCTIONSSet up your grill for indirect cooking.Slice the apple so that the slices are ⅛-¼” thick. You will need 4-6 slices.Butterfly your pork chops by cutting almost all the way through, leaving ½” uncut. (Your butcher can do this for you if you don’t want to.)Salt and pepper the inside of the cuts.Dip the slices in the ground mustard and place them inside the cut pork chops.Close and season the pork chops.Place the chops on the grill in the indirect-heat zone.Insert a probe into the thickest part of the chop, so that its tip is in the thermal center. (We pushed the optional 2.5” Pro-Series® straight probe through the apples and into just into the chop on the other side.)Attach the …

Legs + Plyos HIIT 2 by 12 Minute Athlete

Workout equipment: Workout type: 12 minute Timer setting: 18 x :10 x :30 1. Burpees
2. Candlestick pistol jumps
3. Plank jumps
4. Side lunges
5. Squat jump in/outs
6. Punching sit ups
Bonus: 3 max Hollow body holds

Slow Cooker Barbacoa