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Sexy Ripped Abs I- HIITCore #6


30 Seconds & 10 Seconds Recovery Equipment:
Suitcase Crunches Bicycle Abs Up & Down + Push Up Criss Cross Abs Reverse V Curl In & Out Right Arm & Left Leg In & Out Left Arm & Right Leg Arm & Leg Lift Right Arm & Leg Lift Left

DIY Hair Growth Solution

Lemon juice and coconut oil for hair growth

Ingredients :
-1 tablespoon of lemon juice
-2 tablespoon of coconut oil
How to prepare and apply:
-Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice with 2 tablespoon of coconut oil.
-Allow the mixture on hair for 30-60 minutes
-wash off with cold water
Usage: Once a week for maximum results.

Vitamin B Deficiency


Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna! (contains dairy)
via Oh, Bite me

1 lb of grassfed beef
1 c ricotta cheese*
2 c mozzarella (organic valley)
jar of marinara (or homamade**)
1 large spaghetti squash

* Homemade Ricotta Cheese:
** Homemade Marnara Sauce:

full recipe:

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Where to find spaghetti squash in Australia:

What to Do After Eating Badly

What to Do After Eating Badly
BY SARAH STURGIS So, some jerk left out the double chocolate cake and you had your way with it. Or, maybe you fell head first into the punch bowl with your mouth wide open and after that, anything fried seemed like a great idea. There are many ways to fall into some bad eating traps, but one day or even three days of badness doesn’t have to spiral into a habit.  Here are some tips to minimize the damage and get you back on track. STOP. Don’t let one bad meal or one mouthful of cream sauce send you spiraling into the abyss. Regain control of yourself by accepting what you’ve already eaten and making your next choice a sensible one.
Hydrate. Give your body the ammunition it needs to work through the junk you’ve just eaten. Drink plenty of water and give yourself at least 3-4 hours before eating anything again, so that your digestive system can focus on processing.
Move. Go for a brisk walk or hit the gym. You’ll feel better about yourself and get your blood fl…

Go As Hard As You Can Workout-HIITTabata #5

1Burpee + Reptile + In/Out + Push-Up + Tuck Jump Jump Back into the Plank Position, Feet hip distance apart, Abs in, Perform L & R Spider Press-Up, (taking the left & knee to the left elbow - while he knee is touching the elbow - add a push up - repeat on the right side), In the plank - Jump the feet In & Out, add a push up & using the abs jump the knees into the body & jumping from the bottom add a tuck jump. Beginners - Just touch the knee to elbows, Go down on to your knees for the Push-Ups, Just ad a jump for the tuck jump. +
Hiit Interval Timer Interval timers completely change your whole workout - They push you in a way I have never experienced before. You literally have to GO when the beep goes & it can change your whole body in a few weeks - The intensity the Interval Timer brings to your workout is astonishing - I wouldn't be able able to live without mine. -- It is by far the most imp…

Sausage Breakfast Muffin Cups

Amazing Sausage Breakfast Muffin Cups
via Focus On Healthy Living

3 cups shredded sweet potatoes
3 tbsp melted ghee
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper
6 eggs
½ pd sausage
¼ cup diced bell pepper
¼ cup diced onion
1 cup chopped spinach

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Cinnamon Bee Tea Recipe


4 Healthy Secrets of Avocados

Avocados have been called the perfect food by some, and this title doesn’t come simply from its role as the primary ingredient in guacamole. They are one of the sexiest vegetables out there. Correction, they are one of the sexiest fruits. Actually, avocados are a bit of everything; they are actually berries in disguise. But no matter how you label the…food, avocados still offer a wealth of benefits. The health benefits of avocados are many. One recent study published in Nutrition Journal found that people who eat avocados are more likely to have lower body weight, lower waist circumference, and lower BMI than their avocado-abstaining counterparts. Researchers also found that those who eat avocados have higher good cholesterol levels, a lower intake of sugars, and a better diet overall. Overall, the study concluded that avocado-eaters are especially healthy.

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20 Simple Ways To Take Great Care of Yourself

20 Simple Ways To Take Great Care Of Yourself
BY DANIELLE STEIN With a season change upon us, it's important to take extra good care of ourselves. Therefore, I've designed this little 20-step plan, full of tips on how to re-vamp without feeling hungry or doing anything too extreme. Be prepared to take it easy and wake up the next day feeling better than ever. 1. Start your day with a warm cup of water and lemon. Ditch the caffeine and instead enjoy a cup of warm water, with the juice of half a lemon and 1 teaspoon of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. This sets you up for good digestion, boosts your metabolism, and will make your liver very thankful. It’s also extremely hydrating and alkalizing, unlike caffeine, which is very acidic and sure to dehydrate you. Caffeine also exhausts our liver and increases our levels of cortisol, which can lead to an inability to eliminate toxins or efficie…

Juicing vs. Blending(I am more of a blender but still I juice)


It's All You Bodyweight Workout-HIITBody #14


50 Seconds & 10 Second Recovery
Equipment:  Jump + Burpee + Push-Up + Tuck + Jump Back Dive Bombers Push-Up + Spider + Cross Over Crab Touch

Get On This Workout-HIITMax #10


Squats-40 Reps
Straight Abs-30 Reps
Press Ups-20 Reps
3 Minute Skip or any Cardio Substitute(tuck jumps,skip no rope,high knees)
Burpee+ Tuck Jumps-40 Reps
Toe Touches-30 Reps
Monkey Push-Ups+ Dive Bombers-20 Reps

Applying Makeup Backwards,Makeup Tricks That Work

Apply Mascara First, and More Backwards Makeup Tricks That Really Work by Wendy Rodewald Makeup artist Napoleon Perdis works on Miranda Kerr backstage at Fashion Week Australia.
Photo: Getty Images While there’s no real wrong way to apply makeup (have fun! It comes off!), every makeup artist has his or her own method for creating the ultimate effect. Ask five pros whether they apply concealer or foundation first, and you’re bound to get five different answers. But one major makeup artist swears by switching up the order of almost everyproduct that goes on your face, and when we first heard his tips, they kind of blew our minds. Napoleon Perdis, the Australian makeup artist whose namesake cosmetics line is sold at the likes of Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom, and whose NP Set line is a Target favorite, shared his best makeup tips with us. Prepare to be amazed. Apply mascara first.
“I’ve always been a big …

All Natural Deodorant Recipe


The #1 Vitamin Deficiency

 The Alternative DailyHEALTH ALERTThe #1 Vitamin Deficiency
Damaging Your Brain
Sadly, this affects 1 in 2 older adults. Are you one of them?
Dear Health Conscious Reader,

Unfortunately, many of us are familiar with the hallmark signs of aging: declining strength and energy, brain fog and "senior moments," irritability, difficulty sleeping, hearing and vision loss...the list goes on and on. Most people either accept these things as "just part of getting older," or take whatever drugs their doctors prescribe in the hopes of feeling better. But guess what? I have some shocking news to share with you. These are NOT normal signs of aging.

More often than not, there is a singular, easily remedied vitamin deficiency underlying many of these symptoms, making you feel older than you are! Yet tragically, it frequently goes undetected by doctors until it manifests as a severe neurological disorder, dementia, mental illness, chronic fatigue, cardiovascular disease, cancer...or wo…