Go As Hard As You Can Workout-HIITTabata #5



  • 1Burpee + Reptile + In/Out + Push-Up + Tuck Jump

    Jump Back into the Plank Position, Feet hip distance apart, Abs in, Perform L & R Spider Press-Up, (taking the left & knee to the left elbow - while he knee is touching the elbow - add a push up - repeat on the right side), In the plank - Jump the feet In & Out, add a push up & using the abs jump the knees into the body & jumping from the bottom add a tuck jump. Beginners - Just touch the knee to elbows, Go down on to your knees for the Push-Ups, Just ad a jump for the tuck jump.

    Hiit Interval Timer

    Interval timers completely change your whole workout - They push you in a way I have never experienced before. You literally have to GO when the beep goes & it can change your whole body in a few weeks - The intensity the Interval Timer brings to your workout is astonishing - I wouldn't be able able to live without mine. -- It is by far the most important piece of equipment & I take mine EVERYWHERE & I always carry a spare just in case.
    Bodyweight Exercises Make you Burn Fat & Build lean Muscle - Interval timers make it awesome.
  • 2Press-Up + 2 Knees

    In a plank position - Either on you toes (or your knees if you are just starting out with us) - Pull the abs in to support your back, Add a push-up and at the top of the push up, draw the Left & Right knee into the chest & return. Repeat with good form and always making sure to engage the core & keep the head in line with the spine. - Go to the BEEP !!
  • 32 Squat Jumps + Tuck Jump + Press-Up

    feet hip distance apart - sitting back into the heels, make sure you knees are behind the toes, sit back, jump from the bottom - Perform two squat jumps - landing softly to protect the joints. Add a Tuck Jump, Using the lower abs to draw the knees above the waist, again landing softly, Jump back into a wide leg plank - Perform 3 Push ups, either on your knees or toes. Use your abs to jumps the legs into the body to repeat it all again to get your muscles on fire.
  • 4Sandbag Squat + Burpee + Tuck Jump

    Placing the Sandbag on the outside of the right foot, squat back, keeping the knees behind the toes, head up, pulling in the abs, lift the Sandbag on to the opposite shoulder (left shoulder). Perform a squat - knees behind toes, weight into the heels, sit back. Drop the bag down on the floor - onto the side you have lifted it too (i.e left side in this case). Placing the hands on the floor, Jump down into a plank Position, Abs in, Perform a Push-up (either on you toes of knees). Using the abs - jump both legs in & jumping from the bottom & using your core to lift the knees. Perform a Tuck Jump (or a jump if you are a beginner or new to HIIT training).

    Hiit Sand Bag

    Using the Sandbag allows you to push yourself harder by adding extra weight. This will help you tone up, lose weight & look leaner quicker & you will also become much stronger over time which will allow you to become faster & able to perform the more advanced HIIT moves much easier. If you want to see results faster - you have to push yourself - adding extra wight to the move will do this !! - Get lifting those weights Girls ;) - Don't be afraid of pushing hard. Lifting Weights = Faster Weight Loss.


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