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Green Tea Latte Overnight Oats

Green Tea Latte Overnight Oats

Photo: Ashley Madden Ingredients 1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats (gluten-free if desired)1 tablespoon chia seeds1 tablespoon hemp seeds

Are You Getting Enough of These 5 Nutrients?

Expert: Susan Bowerman
Not eating enough fruits, vegetables or dairy products? You’re not alone, and you might be missing out on some important nutrients. Unfortunately, many people are eating too much, yet getting too little nutrition. Many of us are eating too many calories from foods that are loaded down with fats and sugar, but these may also lack important vitamins and minerals. At the same time, we’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables, which are some of the richest sources of vitamins and minerals. Because many of us don’t consume enough dairy products, it’s tough to meet needs for calcium and vitamin D. So, it should come as no surprise that the vitamins and minerals that are often lacking in many diets are the same ones that are abundant in fruits, veggies and dairy products. Are you eating enough to meet your needs for these five nutrients? 5 Essential Nutrients Folic Acid
Why you need it. Folic acid—or folate, which is the form in which it exists in foods—is one of eight B…

Slow Cooked Lamb

Lamb shoulder is cheaper, juicier and easier to roast than leg. Infused with rosemary garlic flavours, this is not the sort of roast for craving, just pull the meat off with tongs. Make Truly Crunchy Roast Potatoes while the lamb is resting!   link here
Ingredients 3.5 lb lamb shoulder (bone in) (Note 1)2tbspolive oil2tspsalt1tspblack pepper1onion, quartered (no need to peel)1head garlic, cut in half horizontally

Muscle Building Kettlebell HIIT Workout

Click below on the typed exercise to take you to the How to exercise video. Workout equipment:
Workout type: 12 minute Timer setting: 18 x :10 x :30 1. Kettlebell swings
2. Kettlebell front squats
3. Shoulder touch push ups
4. Step ups
5. Kettlebell high pull
6. Split leg v ups
Bonus: 5 Turkish get ups / side

Beauty Tools

Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller

Egyptians believed rose quartz had anti-aging properties. It is thought that the Goddess Isis would gather tumbled stones of rose quartz by the Nile river where she used these as facial massage stones to keep the complexion clear and prevent wrinkles.
Rose Quartz is commonly referred to as the "Love Stone" for it's strong vibrations of unconditional love, tenderness, joy warmth and healing. This beautiful pink crystal has a powerful energy that resonates within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra the area related to compassion.
Rose quartz is packed full of minerals, including silicium, magnesium, iron, sodium and oxygen. It has an amazing ability to reduce inflammation and support the renewal of skin cells plus heals and rejuvenates. Rose quartz is also good for the heart and circulation, bringing oxygen to skin which improves tone, luster and glow. The healing properties of rose quartz, combined with the rolling action, w…

MY REVIEW: AlgAllure Skincare

Hello Beauties! I was so excited to collaborate with this outstanding sustainable company. I am only going to go over the skincare. But this company makes amazing progress on micro algae for agriculture and the enviroment. AlgEternal Technologies do some amazing things with algae. Click on their name and see what I am talking about. Now the products I got about 2 weeks ago. I am a little behind reviewing. I have a video coming soon. I just have got myself connected with nutritional company and Sephora so look for those blogposts soon. I have written several blogpsosts on micro algae and how it is amazing for your skin. It helps fight free radicals, antioxidant and fine lines and wrinkles. It has become a big ingredient in skincare. But what makes this company rise above is that they create theirs in their own facility here in Texas. A local brand. A sustainable brand. I truly love that I know where my source of skincare is coming from. And that it is a healthy brand. Let’s get in wit…

Keto Chocolate Pudding

Hello Beauties!

I made this the other day and it was so decadent. My husband and son loved it too. I will be making this more often. I am at the moment not doing keto. Only if I need to drop some fat. I have great news I am a Herbalife Distrubutor. I can help you with your weightloss journey. I am fitness coach and a diet coach. I have seen amazing results. Their shakes and supplements are amazing. Below is a link to my website. Check it out!
INGREDIENTS8oz Cream Cheese1 cup Heavy Creamy1/2 cup Lakanto Powdered Sweetener1 tsp Vanilla extract3 tbsp Cocoa powder, unsweetenedChocZero Bark for garnish, optional INSTRUCTIONSIn a large bowl, whip heavy cream until firm peaks form.In separate large bowl, blend Lakanto powdered sweetener, cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and cream cheese.Combine together the whipped cream to the cream cheese mixture.Blend until well mixed.Chill in the refrigerator for about one hour

In a l…

My Review: Zue Botanicals

Hello Beauties! I love great clean and healthy skincare. I was sent Zue Botanicals Exfoliating Scrub and Restoring Night Cream. This is a brand that I came across on Instagram.  I have never heard about it but it has some great claims from IG reviewers and bloggers. Zue Botanicals Exfoliating Scrub is a gentle scrub with micro apricot seeds. Which mean they are only a small amount in the scrub and they are not harsh at all. It is a very hydrating scrub. It is very gentle compared the scrubs I like to use. So if you have sensitive skin this is perfect. What I love about this clean green company it is vegan, not tested on animals, no parabens, no petrolatum, no phthalates, no artificial ingredients, gluten free and has beautiful botanical ingredients in the scrub. The secret lies in their amazing ingredients… Rejuvenates And Improves
(Quinoa Seed Extract) Its plant-based peptides support skin’s ability to produce new, healthy collagen, which may improve elasticity and texture. Thanks to …