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How to Master the Dreaded Pistol Squat-Practice,Practice!!

How to Master the Dreaded Pistol SquatPin This! Posted by Sia Cooper
One of the biggest complaints I have gotten from my clients when I choose to make a pistol squat a part of their fitness regimine, is “But I cannot do a pistol squat!” Fair enough. Pistol squats are one of the most difficult squats to perform because not only are you adding in the factor of balancing your entire body from falling, you are also using your entire (insert your body weight here) pounds of bodyweight. Photo: Tumblr What is a pistol squat?  A pistol squat is basically a one-legged variation of your normal squat exercise that involves balancing your body weight onto one leg as you squat downward. (pistol not included) Some people enjoy this difficult feat by taking a step further, like this gal. Holy shit! Do not try this at home.. or gym! Photo: Tumblr Why do a pistol squat? Improve strength and flexibility.Eradicates imbalances between the two sides of the body.Improve mobility in the knee, ankle, and hip joi…

Home Workout #38: Burpee Jump Rope Tabata Hell

This is my serious sexy face. K, thanks. Equipment Required:A Gymboss timer
Shock-absorbing surface, such as interlocking floor mats.Two Dumbbells (I used 15 pounds each)A Medicine Ball (I used 12 pounds)A Dr. Sara Solomon Cross Speed Jump Rope by Buddy Lee Jump Ropes. It’s portable and inexpensive. I always travel with mine! Always a Must!

Roasted Cauliflower

Ingredients 1 tablespoon avocado oil 1 head cauliflower 1½ cups plain Greek yogurt 1 lime, zested and juiced 2 tablespoons chile powder 1 tablespoon cumin 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon curry powder 2 teaspoons kosher salt 1 teaspoon black pepper Directions 1. Preheat the oven to 400° and lightly grease a small baking sheet with vegetable oil. Set aside. 2. Trim the base of the cauliflower to remove any green leaves and the woody stem. 3. In a medium bowl, combine the yogurt with the lime zest and juice, chile powder, cumin, garlic powder, curry powder, salt and pepper. 4. Dunk the cauliflower into the bowl and use a brush or your hands to smear the marinade evenly over its surface. (Excess marinade can be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to three days and used with meat, fish or other veggies.) 5. Place the cauliflower on the prepared baking sheet and roast until the surface is dry and lightly browned, 30 to 40 minutes. The marinade will make a crust on the su…

2 Ingredient Cookies


1 cup oats
1 banana


Blend the ingredients. Grease your cookie sheet with coconut oil. Than bake them at 350 F for 15 to 20 Minutes

7 Things People with Dry Skin Should NEVER Do

Photo: Sven Hagolani All too often, skincare advice seems aimed squarely at people who already have perfect skin. But for those of us with, shall we say, more difficult complexions, many traditional skincare ‘musts’ are downright detrimental to our face’s health and beauty. Take those of us with dry skin. If your face ever feels tight and flaky, you know that there are a few very important skincare rules to keep in mind—and some things that you should always skip. Here are 7 of the things you should never, ever do if you have dry skin. 1. Forget to moisturize.If you have normal or oily skin, it’s probably fine to skip a day of moisturizing here and there. Not so if you’re dry. If you have dry skin, you need to break out the big guns. To begin with, you’ll probably want to consider using two moisturizers. Use a rich moisturizer in the evening after washing your face, and a lighter moisturizer with SPF of at least 30 in the morning before applying makeup. Be sure to apply moisturizer on…

MY REVIEW: Foxbrim Dead Sea Mud Mask


Product Description Dead Sea Mud Mask by Foxbrim. 100% Natural & Additive Free.

Foxbrim’s Dead Sea Mud Mask includes only the ancient healing minerals of the Dead Sea. With renown spanning centuries, many have flocked to the Dead Sea to enjoy the amazing skin purifying properties from the silt and mud of the water. Unmatched in it’s composition, Dead Sea Mud is rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. All essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin. It has also been shown to kill acne-causing bacteria and effectively treat and heal psoriasis. A perfect in-home treatment, our Dead Sea Mud Mask brings you the sacred mud of the Mediterranean to enjoy youthful, radiant and silky skin.


I love this skincare line. Foxbrim has truly made my skinlook amazing! I was so excited to review this mask. I knew I would love it. I love mud masks. They clear up your skin and give you a rosy glow. Detoxes. And if you live in a city it is important to take even extra care for yo…

Home Workout #37: Sweaty Abs HIIT

So why do I bother training my core? A strong core will support your spine, protecting your from back injuries and pain.  This is especially important for people who sit all day long on the job with slouched posture.The Plank is my favourite exercise for strong abdominal and back muscles. I love the plank because it targets all the muscles of the core (including the lower back). You will notice I included 2 themes & variations of the plank in today’s workout video.Do not underestimate the plank!  Not only does it strengthen you core, but it also targets your shoulders, arms and glutes!  Remember, the longer you can hold the plank, the more resilient your lower back will be to injury, making it the ultimate prerequisite exercise for all weight lifting and sports.  And once you shed your layer of tummy fat, you abs will look magnificent thanks to all the planks you performed!Equipment Required:A timer (use your smart phone)
Shock-absorbing surface, such as interlocking floor mats.An