MY REVIEW: Foxbrim Dead Sea Mud Mask


Product Description
Dead Sea Mud Mask by Foxbrim. 100% Natural & Additive Free.

Foxbrim’s Dead Sea Mud Mask includes only the ancient healing minerals of the Dead Sea. With renown spanning centuries, many have flocked to the Dead Sea to enjoy the amazing skin purifying properties from the silt and mud of the water. Unmatched in it’s composition, Dead Sea Mud is rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron. All essential to maintaining healthy, supple skin. It has also been shown to kill acne-causing bacteria and effectively treat and heal psoriasis. A perfect in-home treatment, our Dead Sea Mud Mask brings you the sacred mud of the Mediterranean to enjoy youthful, radiant and silky skin.


I love this skincare line. Foxbrim has truly made my skin look amazing! I was so excited to review this mask. I knew I would love it. I love mud masks. They clear up your skin and give you a rosy glow. Detoxes. And if you live in a city it is important to take even extra care for your skin. I have been doing the mask once a week. And I love it. I love it is 100 percent natural. And you can use this all over your body too. I think this weekend coming up I will do a full body mask. My advice is sit in a tub when you have it on. Empty tub of course. Read a book or listen to some music and it is a spa in your own bathroom. I love this a beauty 10!

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