Home Workout #36: Tabata HELL (glutes & jump rope)

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Equipment Required:

Dr Sara Solomon Cross Speed Jump Rope Buddy Lee Jump Ropes

Always a Must!

workout 36

Drink your BCAAs!

Stay hydrated with water.

Video Workout:

This 4-minute Tabata circuit consists of 8 exercises: 4 different glutes exercises (using heavy weight), each sandwiched with high-paced jump rope. Perform the circuit once if you keep it mega-INTENSE! Otherwise do it up to 4 times. If you are late for work, this is an ideal 4-minute workout to cram into your hectic morningschedule. This 4-minute workout ensures your metabolism will be humming at top speed for the rest of the day.
Need a Jump Rope Refresher? Review the Jump Rope Techniques and Progressions by clicking on my video demo.
Try to do at least 8 reps for each glutes exercise. Hustle!
  1. Bulgarian split squat - right leg on bench behind you. (I used two 25-lb KBs).
  2. Jump Rope - bounce step (forward and backward)
  3. Bulgarian split squat - left leg on bench behind you. (I used two 25-lb KBs).
  4. Jump Rope - bell jump (forward and backward)
  5. Alternating Bench Step Ups (I used two 25-lb KBs).
  6. Jump Rope (alternate-foot step: forward, bounce step: backward)
  7. Goblet Squats (I used one 35-lb KB)
  8. Jump Rope - high step


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