MY REVIEW: Foxbrim Natural Soap

Product Description
Perfectly Natural Soap - 100% Natural & 98% Organic

Perfectly Natural Soap brings you a wonderful mix of 100% all-natural botanical ingredients to effectively cleanse skin. Ecologically simple and pleasant to skin, you'll enjoy a powerful yet gentle cleanse. Absolutely no additives, fragrances, synthetics or harsh chemicals used. The soap we've been asked to create is finally here. Perfect for face and body. Perfect for use both morning and night. Pefectly Natural Soap by Foxbrim.


Ya'll know how much I love this company. I am using almost the whole line now. I repurchased. My skin loves this line. I love that all their products work synergisticaly. The only thing I do not have is a cleanser. Than this came out and I had to test it. I like it no smell. I tried it on my face. Very clean feeling. No suds which is a good thing. Which mean none of that chemical laden suddsing agent in it. But I have to be honest I like it more for cleaning my hands in my bathroom. But my husband really likes the simplicity of it. Great product. A beauty 9.

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