MY REVIEW: Foxbrim Seaweed Complex Lotion


Product Description
Foxbrim's Seaweed Complex Lotion

Product Description:

Foxbrim's Seaweed Complex Lotion takes your daily lotion to the next level. The life of the ocean is bottled for perfect and healthy beauty. Nature continues to hold the key to true beauty. Seaweed Complex Lotion utilizes phytochemicals, polysaccharides and 90+ minerals and micro minerals to bring the restorative and youthening elements of the ocean to you in a bioavailable format. This light and fresh lotion will create balanced and nourished skin. Rapidly restore firmness to tired and worn skin. Boost collagen production while filling in existing wrinkles. Amazingly, anti-radiation properties found in this complex protect from daily and long term sun damage and progressive aging of the skin. 

Key Ingredients Include:

+ Phytochemicals - Effectively prevents premature aging of the skin. 
+ Polysaccharides - Essential building block for skin repair and renewal. 
+ Organic Spirulina (Blue Green Algae) - Reduce skin inflammation while boosting antioxidants and defending against free radicals. 
+ Hyaluronic Acid - Unmatched natural moisturizer for plump and smooth skin.


I love Foxbrim products. And when this came to review I was excited. Because I knew the ingredients are like the coveted Creme de la Mer. Yes I have bought the expensive 200 dollar cream. And my mother bought me the big jar of body cream. I will not say the price of it because I cringe. This is an amazing cream. I love it. And the price alone. Marine botanicals and seaweed has shown many benefits on the skin from loads of studies. I give this a beauty 10

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  1. The use of seaweeds are rapidly increases and apart from fertilizer and aquatic life we should know some more hidden facts about seaweed; seaweed is not only used as fertilizer but also used as several beauty products such as lotion, cream and also used in different recipes as ingredients and many other.


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