The New Year Workout


You will need: 

Here's how it works:

- a single dumbbell complex
- 3 moves, 1 minute each, back to back to back
- 30s/side for unilateral moves
- Rest 1 minute between rounds or skip
- Perform up to 4 total rounds for a 16-minute workout
- Do 2-3 workouts per week with ideally 48 hours between sessions
- First look to increase your reps with the same load within each time frame. Then you can increase the weight in small 2.5-5lb increments.

Phase I- 2-3 weeks
1- Goblet Squat (60s)
2- 1-Arm Split Kneeling Overhead Press L/R (30s/side)
3- 1-Arm Quadruped Rows L/R (30s/side)

Phase II- 2-3 weeks
1- 1-Arm Front Squat L/R (30s/side)
2- 1-Arm Split Stance Overhead Press L/R (30s/side)
3- 1-Arm Bent-Over Row L/R (30s/side)


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