How To Apply Blush and MY REVIEW: Paula Dorf Blush

I have never heard of this makeup line. I swear there is so much makeup out there. I was so lucky to win. The color was bright and looked very pigmented. I love pigmented colors. They are true to it and they have staying power. The color I won was Jingle. Pretty color. Different color that I have not ever used. I wore this for a few days. So I am looking up her profile and about Paula Dorf. Very impressive clientele. Paula is famous for unique "trick" products that offer solutions to every woman's makeup concerns, such as Transformer® (from eye shadow to liquid liner), Perfect Illusion® for lips (ends feathering lips), Perfect Illusion® for eyes (smoothes skin), Perfect Primer® (keeps foundation fresh), Enhancer® baby eyes (brightens eyes) and Clean-Up Stick® (erases makeup mistakes) 

After working on her unparalleled brush collection, Paula was inspired to create a high quality, long-wearing, easy to use color cosmetic line that is designed for every woman. Paula's makeup philosophy is to empower women and is captured best in her signature phrase: Become your own makeup artist®. 

I am going to purchase next is the Perfect Illusion line. I love any line that empowers women. Because this is what I believe and I am all about too.

To purchase her products go here:


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