12 Days of Christmas Workout Challenge – Day #2: Spartan HIIT Run


Posted by Andrew Peloquin

Today is the day to kill it with the cardio workouts, so it’s time to find your favorite workout and kick yourself into high gear.
Here is a great HIIT cardio workout to do: the Spartan HIIT Run!

Spartan HIIT Run

Here’s how to do the Spartan HIIT Run:
  • Full-on sprint for 30 seconds
  • Jog for 90 to 120 seconds
Repeat this cycle until you have run for a mile, then take a break to do 50 crunches.
Continue on your HIIT run, repeating the sprint-jog cycle for another mile, then take a break to do 40 crunches.
Repeat the cycle of HIIT running for another mile, then finish with 30 crunches.
Walk a mile to reach your home. This will serve as your cool-down, allowing you time to stretch your back, legs, and abs–the muscles you’ve worked hard today.


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