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    ITCH FREE. Your Surgical Scars, Acne Scars, Stretch Marks, or anyother scar that you want to fade or remove will do so without the itching and uncomfortableness that comes with so many other creams or gel.
    FLATTENS KELOID SCARS. Do you have a raised scar that you just don't like? Tired of people looking at it? You will be Amazed at how after thouroughly using this product you scar will flatten and fade, just Amazed!
    SCAR REMOVER THAT WORKS. Use on your facial scars that everyone can see or use it on hidden scars like you C Section Scars so that you feel beautiful again. Imagine wearing a bikini again and feeing good about it.
    VITAMIN C. This is the very important missing ingrediant in other brands like Mederma, Kelocote, and Scar Away. You've already heard how Vitamin C does miracles for you skin, it works even better on scars.
    A SILICONE SCAR GEL that gives you the best result, period! Why get a scar concealer, lotion, oil or ointment when you can get the best scar remover and be in the healing zone.



This I was so skeptical. I have used plenty of scar creams on my C scar. But I have realized it is a deep muscle scar it will never be rid of. Which I am fine with. My reminder of the blessing that came with it. My son. Well I used this for 3 weeks. Every morning I came to my office and used it. I keep it on my desk. And wow. I finally looked at it after this last weekend when I did not use it at all. We were away having fun. This scar cream WORKS!! Look at my crappy split pic. First time using this app. Should have been a reverse picture. But you see the difference. I will be purchasing this again. The scar I had was a bad oven burn. I am now using it for the damn grease burns I got last week. I am always cutting or burning myself. I am careful but not enough,hahahaha! A beauty 10!

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