MY REVIEW: Grill Brush 3X

Product Description
3-IN-1GRILL BRUSH: TRIPLE CLEANING POWER AND STRENGTH!Are you looking for a grilling accessory that can easily remove any tough grill grime or burnt residue?Would you like a brush that can clean every part of your grill 3x faster than other brushes, without leaving ugly scratches?If so, the 3-in-1 Grill Brush is the perfect BBQ grill accessory for you!

Manufactured for strength and durability, it actually consists of three brushes which are built into one. The stainless steel bristles are hard wired to a stiff frame for additional strength. The brush head is fixed to a long handle made with heat-proof material.The triple-brush design ensures faster cleaning by covering three times the surface with three times the cleaning power; and the long handle allows hard cleaning with minimum effort. The design is simply ingenious as it also keeps your hands further from the heat while cleaning.The BBQ Grill brush is recommended as safe for use on any type of grill because it cleans without scratching.

The Barbeque Cleaning Brush has many benefits, including:

• Combines 3 brushes into 1 for cleaning with triple efficiency.
• Each stroke works 3x harder owing to the combined effort of the buttressed cluster of bristles.
• Safe and recommended for use on all grill types.
• The Grill Brush has a wider cleaning range than any other BBQ brush.
• With 3 brushes, it is guaranteed to last 3-times longer.
Why have unsightly burnt-on grease and grime all over your grill when there's the 3-in-1 Grill Brush that cleans 3-times faster with very little effort?


Another great product. This is a short review. Not much to say but that the bristles do not fall off when using it. It is very sturdy. And it has three brush heads. This got our bbq clean easily! I love it!


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