MY REVIEW: Thermalabs The UltiMitt

Product Description
Get The Perfect Self Ten Using The Ultimate Tanning Mit!!!
Researchers at Thermalabs production center have come up with a new, great method to apply your self-tanning lotion. After months of painstaking research, our research department has now got what it takes to solve the problem of self-tanning mitts. 
The extensive research and efforts have culminated in a new product, called the 'Ultimitt'. 

Ultimitt is a better, premium quality than any other mitt and here's why! 
Top premium high quality microfiber self tanning application mitt
Comes with carrying poly bag - take it with you when you travel without staining your cloths
Bigger than all the rest so it easily goes on your hand and protects your palms from stains.
Doesn't fall apart or crack • Doesn't stretch, rip or break • Easily washable


I love self tanners. I hate the mess. But at one time I had it down on doing it so perfect. Than I quit using tanners altogether. Why? I was no longer in the beauty industry. But I really love a great self tan. I have never used any other product to help but with my hands and lotion. The application process is important but look for that in my tanning review with the self tanner. Both by Thermalabs. I got a small application mitt for my face that came with this and a e-book on how to use it. It was very simple. You wet the mitt and wring it out really well. Have  your skin prepped and hair up. Than apply the lotion on the mitt. It was easy and really  I did not use a lot like I normally do with self-tanners. I really liked it.Clean up was a cinch. I just rinsed it with Dawn liquid and squeezed out the water and let it dry. I wish I would have used this method a long time ago. But this is great for no streaking too. I did my legs and 45 minutes later I had a great color. Love this mitt! A 10!!

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