MY REVIEW: Regenepure Minoxidil Spray

Product Description
This promotion is only for Reviewers in the U.S & is for men only. This product is forumulated for men.

Regenepure Precision Spray is the only 5% minoxidil formula on the market to use our breakthrough fine mist spray applicator. Regenepure Precision's high grade 5% minoxidil formula is clinically shown to stop the progression of male pattern baldness and regrow hair. The fine mist applicator spray ensures that the formula reaches the scalp for maximum effectiveness and makes Regenepure Precision an effective, safe treatment for androgenic alopecia and male pattern baldness.


My  husband has been using Minoxidil for years. He started using it way early in his 30's before he started to even lose hair. With all his workouts,supplementation and stress from his work he knew to start this early on. He has been through many brands and application types. I have seen him do the foam. This is a new application and he was up to trying it out. He really liked it. And how you can manuever the spray  to hit the areas you need it. The foam was way to messy and you wasted a lot of product. And when he does not use this product now he can tell by the amount of hair he has lost. This will be another repurchase he loved it! 

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