You're Doing It Wrong!! Removing Eye Makeup

We’ve been indoctrinated in the importance of removing our makeup before bed each night, but what we weren’t told is that the wrong method can be creating lines and wrinkles.
According to Susan Posnick, makeup artist and founder of Susan Posnick Cosmetics, rubbing your cleanser or cotton ball across your lid from side to side is pulling at your delicate skin. ”Instead, remove your eye shadows by patting your cleanser or cleansing pad over the makeup and gently work in a downward motion toward the lash line, and always rinse with warm water,” saysPosnick.
And if you’re removing your mascara each night by lifting your lashes, you’re also committing a big no-no. It pulls at your lashes and can weaken them. Posnick suggests that we wet our eyelids and apply cleanser. “Close your eyes and work in a downward motion. Then use a cleanser or cleansing pad to remove mascara that is below your lashes,” Posnick says.
If you still have mascara left under bottom lashes, take a drop of moisturizer and put it under the eyes to easily swipe away the excess. Then rinse with warm water before applying eye cream.

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