DIY Makeup Setting Spray

Here’s my recipe:

2 teaspoons  Vegetable Glycerin (this can found at any health food store or on
Bottled water (or distilled water)
(I saved a tiny little measuring cup that came with some liquid medicine.  I keep it inverted on top of the glycerin bottle in my medicine cabinet – that way, it’s handy!)
makeup setting spray ingredients
Measure the glycerin and put it into the spray bottle. Add the bottled water to fill it. Shake it gently to incorporate the water and the glycerin.  You’ll notice that it stays clear once the glycerin is all incorporated.
To use, spritz three or four times over your face after you have finished applying your makeup. Don’t hold the spray bottle too close, as you don’t need to make your face wet!  Just a slight mist will do. I find that it’s best to tilt my head up and hold the spray bottle about 24” away from my face while spraying it.


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