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'I Got 5 On It’ Explosive Total Body Circuit

I got 5 on it
Posted by Krissy Moore

Everyone has 5 minutes a day to do something productive right? I have posted 4 minute Tabata workouts, all the way up to 60 minute workouts, but there is something special about 5 minutes! Not sure what it is, but it works!
You will complete 5 exercises for 60 seconds each! If you want a challenge and want to do it again, repeat it! DONE. There are a couple new exercises I have included in this one, so I demonstrate the moves and do a realtime workout with you for the 5 minutes in the video below.


(Complete each move for 60 seconds each)

Power Jacks
Genghis Kahn Burpees
3 Push Ups + 3 Plank Walks
Power Speed Skaters
Jack Leg, Bent Knee Tricep Push Up (Knees are bent, but OFF Floor)


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