How To Get The Best Winter Skin

Is there anything quite as lovely as summer skin? Who doesn’t love that bronze, honey-like, sun-kissed hue in their complexion? Clothes somehow fits better, makeup is looks more natural and don’t even get me started on those fabulous beachy waves. But, oh, wait kids -- it's the middle of November! Did I just burst your bubble or what? These days, the caramel and honey we talk about aren’t in reference to our complexions so much as the hot teas and baked goods we’re consuming this winter. But there are ways to get recapture that summer skin and prepare it for the warmer days to come.

winter skin for summer

Get a Tan … Kind Of.

Add a few drops of your self tanner or tinted moisturizer into your foundation to amplify the depth of the shade and give your skin some warmth. You can also invest in a great bronzing powder to give yourself a healthy faux-summer glow.
For natural radiance, try yoga or sit in a warm sauna for a few minutes. Both tend to be detoxifying and help a glow emerge from your complexion.

Brighten Up

That bright and beautiful complexion that comes from sun-derived vitamin D can still be yours! Try natural solutions like drinking warm water with lemon every morning. This will flush toxins out of your system so a brightness returns to your skin tone and eyes. If you want a quicker remedy, try a highlighter or illuminator like Urban Decay Naked Illuminated. Another great way to refine and brighten the skin is to exfoliate. Make your own scrub with sea salt, coconut oil and a dash of aloe vera juice.


Summer skin tends to be dewy and hydrated thanks to the warm, balmy weather. But once winter hits, the cold, windy air robs our skin of its moisture. Banish dry skin and blend a mask together of plain yogurt, honey and mashed up avocado. Apply and leave on for 15 min before rinsing off with lukewarm water. Not into DIY concoctions. Invest in a hydrating mask like Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque.  


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