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Surfer Girl Workout: Tropical Tuesday

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Posted by Genevieve Melzer

Surfer Girl Workout: Tropical Tuesday
Day 2 of your surfer workout focuses on arms. When you are a surfer you have to paddle out to every wave. Surfer’s arms, shoulders and backs are toned due to paddling out to that perfect wave over and over again.
If you don’t live close to an ocean it is still possible for you to get those surfer arms. Sculpted and lean arms are what every woman yearns for. You too can have Michelle Obama or Madonna’s incredible arms.
You will need a pair of hand weights for this workout, if you don’t have any feel free to use cans of soup or bottles of water. If you don’t have anything to use you can do the exercise without weights but focus on the muscle you are working so it still gets a good workout.
Triceps, biceps, shoulders and back are all focused on in this workout; make sure to use the correct amount of weight for you. If you are a beginner then start with lighter weights and as you progress add more weight.
Tropical Tuesday
Emphasis: Arms, Shoulders, Back
Beginner:  2- 7 lbs, Intermediate:  7-15 lbs, Advanced: 15 -20 lbs
30 sec. swimmer
30 sec. plank
30 sec. bicep lift with weights
bicep lift
30 sec. push-ups
30 sec. shoulder press with weights
shoulder press
30 sec. plank
30 sec. tricep kickbacks with weights
tricep kickbacks
30 sec. push-ups
30 sec. butterfly press with weights
30 sec. plank
Repeat series a total of 3x, making this a 15 minute hiit workout.
Make youself a tropical smoothie after this workout; create your very own healhty tropical smoothie with fruits that you use in your favoite fruity cocktails.
If you can’t get fresh mango, pineapple, guava and papaya use frozen to make a refreshing smoothie. This workout and smootie will add some summer and sunshine into your winter day.


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