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Surfer Girl Workout: Mahalo Monday

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Posted by Genevieve Melzer

Surfer Girl Workout: Mahalo Monday
When you think of summer what do you think of?
Beaches, bikinis, sexy surfers…my dream body is a surfer body. Every muscle on a surfer is toned and lean. This workout will give you the body of a surfer without stepping foot in the ocean.
Even in the thick of winter it is still possible to get the hot body you have always wanted. This workout runs Monday – Friday
You can do this workout anywhere and you don’t need much equipment either, just a set of hand weights and a jump rope on a couple of the days. If you don’t have the equipment needed feel free to improvise with whatever you do have. You can still do the exercise even without the equipment.
Monday focuses on cardio and getting your heart pumping and blood flowing throughout your entire body.
Put on some high energy music and start your workout.
Mahalo Monday
Emphasis: Cardio
Time yourself with the stopwatch app on your phone
60 sec. high knees
30 sec. surfer, ride the wave on each side (right and left)
60 sec. jumping jacks
jumping jacks
60 sec. jack-knife crunches
jack-knife crunches
60 mountain climbers
mountain climbers
Repeat entire series 3x, making this a 15 minute hiit workout.
This workout should get your metabolism up and running for the entire day. You will continue to burn calories after this workout all day long. It is also important to eat healthy to get that summer/surfer body. So don’t ruin all the hard work you did during this workout on junk food.
It is just as important to fuel your body with foods that will give you energy and make you feel good as it is to workout hard. Try drinking a smoothie with some protein powder after this workout to prevent bingeing later.


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