Minimal Makeup: 3 Different Looks

minimal product makeup
First, Scantlin used her finger to pat the lipstick onto the cheeks. Then she blended it out with a flat top blush brush. She gave the skin an all-over glow by dusting bronzer across the forehead and cheeks. For the eyes, she applied bronzer on the lids from lash line to crease and along the bottom line. Then used a fluffy brush to blend it all up and out. For added definition, she used the black eye liner on the upper and lower lash lines and the waterline. To create bronzed lips, Scantlin used bronzer as lipstick, applying it with an eye shadow brush.

Scantlin applied the bright pink lip color to the cheeks to create a rosy flush. She also used the lipstick on the eyes, applying it to the crease and buffing it out with a round eye shadow brush. Then she used an eyeliner brush to apply and blend the lipstick along the bottom lash line. Black eye pencil was used to line the eyes. And for a fully pink pout, Scantlin used the lipstick for its intended purpose.

The cheeks and forehead got a healthy dose of bronze shimmer. Bronzer was also used on the lips. Scantlin applied a layer of bronzer, followed by a light layer of lipstick – gently tapped on with her finger, and then finished with one last bronze layer. She added drama to the eyes with black eye liner, applying the liner to the bottom lash line only and smoking it out with a small blending brush


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