Snacks and Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome – Part 2

Snacks and Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome – Part 2
Dried Fruits
NutsThe tradition of drying fruits has been done for quite a long time, especially in the Mediterranean. Dried fruits contain most of the nutritional value that fresh fruits provide, except without most of the water content. As a result, dried fruits have a long shelf life in comparison to fresh fruits. The natural sugar content in dried fruits will give you the blood sugar boost you need, while the nuts themselves will help sustain the stability of your blood sugar. There are many options with dried fruits and some may be more beneficial to you than others. Some of these options are discussed below. The key is to avoid any preservatives, which can make AFS worse. The following are recommended.
  1. Mulberries
    Dried mulberries contain a high amount of vitamin C, protein, iron and fiber. Not only is it a delicious snack, but it also provides anthocyanin and anti-inflammatory antioxidants. Other nutrients found in dried mulberries include vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B complex, and minerals necessary for the body.
  2. Goji Berries
    Goji berries have long been used as herbal teas, juices, medicines, and wines in Asia to treat common health issues. Goji berries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin A. These compounds may help reduce the risk of oxidation diseases, help boost immune function, maintain eye health, and also maintain your cardiovascular health.
  3. Goldenberries
    Goldenberries, also known as gooseberries or Incan berries, are good sources of vitamin A, C, B complex, and bioflavonoids. Goldenberries have been used in traditional medicine to help increase your immune system, as well as for maintaining a healthy weight. Goldenberries are also a good source of protein.
  4. Cranberries
    Dried cranberries are high in antioxidants that help reduce inflammation, which can cause chronic health issues.
  5. Apricots
    Dried apricots are high in beta-carotene, vitamin A, antioxidants, and soluble fibers. They also contain the minerals necessary for eye, skin, and hair health. They increase the body’s stamina and immune system, help lower total cholesterol, and even prevent oxidation in the body. Because they are quite high in potassium, those with AFS need to limit their intake.
Soaking, Salting, and Roasting
Nature has given nuts self-preservation capabilities so that they can survive harsh conditions until the environment is viable for growth. These defense mechanisms come in forms of enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. Normal people may not feel anything from consuming these nuts, but those with AFS will have trouble with the digestion of these toxic substances. Fortunately, soaking the nuts will remove or reduce the toxic substances and will increase the production of beneficial enzymes. With the increase of enzymes, the result will be an increase in the amount of vitamins contained within the nutsAll nuts consumed by AFS sufferers should be soaked in water for at least twelve hours before undergoing a salt enrichment dehydration process.
Salted trail mix is an important consideration when choosing your snacks. Most regular table salt has gone through a refinement process and contains additional chemicals or additives. The additives can add stress to your body, especially for those in the advanced stages of AFS. Himalayan salt is a good, natural option over table salt for salted trail mixes. It provides a higher content of minerals and is easier to digest.
No matter what you choose, salt should be added to the nuts during the soaking process. This creates an even amount of salt in the nuts, compared to only adding granules of salt on the nuts as salt has a hard time sticking to the nuts as it is and will most likely fall to the bottom of the container. Roasting is a good way to make the salt stick to the nuts, but this process can destroy the nutrient in the nuts and is not recommended.
In summary, a good mix of nuts and dried fruits makes a great snack during the day between meals. It can help balance your blood sugar during non-meal times and can provide good instant energy. Always try to get a good organic, natural, and raw mix with no added sugar or preservatives. Roasting is not recommended. The addition of salt into the mix is important, in order to help balance your sodium levels in your body.
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