Chirimoya Alegre

chirimoya alregre y naranja
  • 1 chirimoya
  • juice from 2 oranges
  • ginger to taste (optional)

Cut the chirimoya open and be patient removing the seeds and the skin. You can mash the chirimoya with a fork or blend it with a little bit of orange juice, enough to make the blender work (if you don’t add any juice, the chirimoya will soon stick to the sides and the blades won’t have anything to blend). Put it into your smoothie glass. Squeeze the oranges or peel them and put them into the blender (this way you conserve all the fiber and you can add the ginger directly if you use it). If you squeeze the oranges and want to add the ginger, you can grate it and add it directly (if you like to have little pieces) or squeeze the grated ginger with your hands into the orange juice. Pour the orange juice on top of the chirimoya and be happy!


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