7 Essential Oils to Help YOU Feel Sexy

7 Essential Oils to Help You Feel Sexy
Aromatherapy can be used both to enhance sex and sexuality. Essential oils have the ability to relax our body, thus enabling us to feel sexy and have better sexual experiences.

7 Essential Oils to Help You Feel Sexy

1. Cedarwood Oil. Calms fears and anxieties; helps with sexuality.
2. Jasmine Oil. Deeply soothing and calming.  Jasmine essential oil enhances the feeling of sensuality.
3. Basil Oil. Arouses sexual instincts in both men and women.
4. Anise Essential Oil. It is used to arouse sex and lust. It induces a  sensuous feeling in women.
5. Ylang Ylang.  Enhances sensuality and increases libido due to its aphrodisiac properties.
6. Sandalwood: Enhances feelings of sexuality and openness.
7. Lavender Essential Oil. It enhances blood flow to sexual organs and helps to boost female sensitivity.
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