Summer Body Workout 4: 10 Minute Total Body Bonus Workout

Day4-TotalBodyLisa-Marie-Bodyrock Tv
It’s Day 4 of this summer body workout series!  If you are looking to get a bit more out of your workout, you can always add more rounds, some jump rope, or mix in a quick routine like this to get your heart rate up.
Workout Breakdown:
> Set your timer for a 10 minute countdown
> Move as quickly as possible with excellent form
> Do 1 10 minute round for a bonus, 2 or more 10 minute rounds for a workout
10 high knees
drop to plank
2 commando push-ups
roll over
2 knee hugs
roll over
hop to a squat & stand
Want to see a demonstration?  Here is a video (don’t judge my lacking “cinematography” skills!).  I did 30 rounds in 10 minutes; beat my score!


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