MY REVIEW: Younique Moodstruck 3d Fiber Lashes

Increase your average lash volume by up to 400%*.

Transplanting Gel Ingredients: Water, Beeswax (Natural Propolis), Carnauba (Brazilian palm glue), Iron Oxide Cl 77499 (Black), Collagen, Acrylates Copolymer, Nylon, Stearic Acid, Propylene Glycol. .23 FL OZ / 7 ml
Natural Fibers Ingredients: 100% Natural Fibers taken from Green Tea. Net WT .02 OZ/ .5g.
Collagen is a type of protein that works with elastin to give skin its texture, structure, and appearance. It contains antioxidants, and may help add volume and shine to the appearance of eyelashes.
Water (Aqua) is the liquid of life! Hydrates and cleanses the skin, and works as a natural spreading component, helping to distribute other ingredients evenly over the skin.
Beeswax (Natural Propolis) is a brownish, resinous material collected by bees and believed to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Carnauba (Brazilian Palm Glue) is extracted and refined through a pressing and crushing process that turns the palm glue into an oil, creating the sticky nature of the transplanting gel. It is also believed to act as a natural preservative.
Iron Oxide Cl 77499 (Black) is a technical name for Black Iron Oxide. This naturally-occurring mineral acts a colorant, giving the gel its striking black color.
Acrylates Copolymer is an adhesive and binder, as well as a suspending agent.
Nylon is a powder substance that is used as an absorbent and thickening agent.
Stearic Acid (also known as Palmitic Acid) is an organic nutrient derived from palm trees that is often used to soothe and soften the skin.
Propylene Glycol is a humidifying and delivery ingredients


I met the lovely Melissa Ingersoll on Facebook. I grew up in the town where her husband is from. By the grace of God we got to talk about makeup and learned that she is a Independent Presenter for Younique.
Now I have been on the website a few times in the past. I have heard some great things but never really opt to buy. Just was not sure. Till the lovely Melissa told be the health beneftis of this makeup. And I love makeup. Being a past makeup artist myself it is in my veins.
So when I got it in the mail I was EXCITED!! Ladies I am always on a search for a good mascara and eye cream. But as I get older the less eyelashes I have. And fake ones just pull and tear my little sprigs out.

The biggest rule to using the fibers is that you ALWAYS apply in the: Gel Fiber Gel Steps when using the fibers
But you can use just the gel or gel and mascara. Experiment. And it is wearable to sleep.(Don't sleep with makeup on,though,big no no.) Also it has some water resistant to it.

So i followed the directions and without my full makeup just to test it out.
I have 3 mascaras I decided to test out. All 3 are quite different.

Mascara 1: Clinique Lash Power Feathering Mascara(my favorite everyday mascara) Now this was such an easy application with this mascara. I loved it. I did have to layer it more for more thicker lashes. But it made the 3D lashes easy.

Mascara 2: Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Mascara. A favorite also for more of a dramatic to the 3D. No need to layer as much. It is a thicker mascara. And you do need to follow the instructions on clean up that is on the video that I will have below. 

Mascara 3: L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes. This was my drugstore brand. I also will be sampling other mascaras that I have in my inventory: Rimmel and Physicians Formula. But this mascara is no near fiber at all. Misleading. But a good inexpensive heavy mascara. Had to use my mascara wand from my brushes to get clumps and set them right. But really was not that bad. The 3D really made this so called Fiber mascara look better. 

So all in all. It just depends on your favorite mascara. I did different price ranges. And they all did well. My fave is Clinique. Just love this mascara with the 3D.The rating I give this is better than a 10. And the price is so worth it. I am suprised it is not even more. And looks way better than fake lashes. I love this!! So much that it is now a part of my makeup routine.

Now go visit and shop at the Beautiful Melissa Ingersoll's website here>>

She also does some great little contests on facebook and you can send her a request here>>>

Now the video that was a big help is here>>>>>>

I want to thank Melissa Ingersoll. She was an amazing helpand a lovely person, and if you want to make some extra money. Easy money. No parties at home required. Easy social media parties. Great healthy makeup. Contact her in the above links.



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