Beauty 101: Tontouring

Defined cheekbones without lucky genetics or makeup? Oh yeah, beauty gurus are going there! Tontouring is the sneaky way of getting chiseled cheeks with a self-tanner! The process sculpts cheekbones, defines the nose and enhances the structure of the face.
So, who started this innovative phenomenon? The brains behind the term came from Marissa Carter, founder of Cocoa Brown, who demonstrated how to master the look on her Snapchat account.
She explained that, "It's every woman's dream to look good without makeup and this technique gives you the opportunity to wake up looking naturally, perfectly contoured. This technique means you only need to contour once a week as opposed to every day."
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Carter recommends applying a gradual tanner to the entire face first. This ultimately works as the base of your skin, so that the next product you use won’t look too harsh! Then, add a darker mousse formula close to the hairline. Lastly, finish the look using an angled contouring brush to shade the nose and sculpt the cheeks.
PRO TIP: If it looks harsh at first, blend in with your fingers.
In a few hours you’ll see the most natural looking contour that won’t wash off at the end of the day! Add this technique to your beauty arsenal, we have a feeling this might be the hottest trick to date.


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