Game Changer: The Baiden Exfoliating Mitt is Actually Life-Changing

baiden mitten review
Graphic design: Alle Connell
When it comes to beauty products that have actually changed my life, the Baiden Mitten ($50, is number one. I know what you’re thinking: A $50 exfoliating mitt? That’s insane. And trust me, I understand—but trust me when I say that this mitten is worth every damn penny.
First, a little about me: I have a skin condition called Keratosis pilaris, which results in my arms and legs (and occasionally my neck and cheeks) being covered in small red bumps that look a little like chicken skin. The best treatment for KP is exfoliation, so over the years I’ve become something of a dead skin removal connoisseur. I know that moisturizers containing lactic acid are amazing, that dermaplaning is awesome but cost prohibitive, and that even the toughest scrubbing brushes don’t really get the job done. Enter the Baiden Mitten, which has revolutionized everything.
It’s made of a thick, linen-like fabric that slips over your hand like a large exfoliating glove. It softens when its wet, and feels like very abrasive linen rather than sandpaper. It’s rough but not abrasive. And it might be made of magic.
After soaking in a warm bath or shower for around ten minutes, firmly rub the Baiden Mitten up and down on your arms, legs and back. At first you’ll think “Wow, this is really scrubbing me clean.” If you rub too hard, you might notice that you’re skin is turning super-pink.
And then you’ll notice the dead skin peeling off of you in actual, literal strings. It is simultaneously the grossest and most amazing thing that you’ve ever seen. As I mentioned, I have to be proactive about exfoliating, and I always thought I did a pretty good job. The first time I used the Baiden Mitten I realized the extent to which that was not the case; so much dead skin peeled off of me that I thought I might be turning into a snake. It’s INCREDIBLE.
The website claims that the Baiden Mitten is the cure for all of your beauty-related woes. I don’t think that’s true—I’ve been using it religiously for a year, and neither my cellulite nor my wrinkles have magically vanished. But oh my god, does it exfoliate. My skin has literally never been softer or more luminous. I also don’t get anywhere near the number of ingrown hairs that I used to, and my KP has calmed down considerably. Game changer? For someone who has always hated their red, bumpy skin and avoided wearing short skirts because of it, this is an actual life changer.
A few caveats: the website for this product will not inspire you with confidence. It may look crazy, but I’ve ordered from it and my credit card information remains secure. The website also says that you can use the mitt on your face, which I have tried, and ended up with some unpleasant skin abrasions—so if you must rub it on your mug, be EXTREMELY gentle.
If you’re looking for the be-all and end-all of smooth skin, the Baiden Mitten is what you need. It’s changed my life; now it’s time to let it change yours.

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