A 20-Minute Ab Workout For A Super Strong Core

If you've been checking social media at all this past year, you've probably seen a few celebs sporting waist training corsets. The "science" behind these waist training corsets is that the latex material increases sweat in all the right places and the strict compression prevents over consumption.
To some degree, this is true. But if you want lasting results created from actual muscle sculpting, you're going to need to take a different approach. Luckily, I have an equally ancient, yet thoroughly modern plan for earning an hourglass figure: diet and exercise. Combine smart eating with targeted core exercises that focus on the obliques to tone a tight tummy — no binding necessary.
The Workout
The most common ab exercises like standard crunches focus on the rectus abdominis, the six-pack muscles. This is all wrong! We're aiming to draw in the tiniest part of the waist from 360 degrees, so rather than focusing on just toning the front line of the body with frontal flexion, we're going to focus on tightening the inner and outer oblique muscles that wrap around the waistline creating a natural corseting effect.
Perform 30 of each exercise, 15 on each side when called for. Repeat two-three times for an ab cinching workout under 20 minutes. 


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