MY REVIEW: Pratipad Multipurpose Silicone Pot Holder

Product Description
The "Pratipad" is a multipurpose kitchen grade silicone pad that that is a pot holder, trivet, and jar opener.

Pratipad silicone pad is:

✔ MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Use it as a pot holder, trivet, jar opener  or anywhere you need extra grip or exteme heat or cold protection

✔ LIGHTWEIGHT & SUPERIOR HEAT PROTECTION - Unique honeycomb pattern decreases weight & evenly distributes heat to better protect your hands 

✔ VERSATILE - Withstands extreme temperatures from -40°F to 446°F  (-40°C to 230°C) perfect for use in an oven, microwave, or freezer 

✔ EASY TO MAINTAIN & DURABLE - Dishwasher safe & tested to  withstand repeated twisting & bending

Overall the Pratipad is a great addition in the kitchen.


I love silicone baking ware. Utensils,baking cups,baking sheets and these pot holder pads. These are amazing. All the cloth ones I have had you can eventually feel the heat. And don't let them get water on them when draining water. Ouch! You can burn yourself. I have. I love these. The colors was fun and go well with my colorful kitchen! I love these! Plus they are easy to keep clean and you get 2 of them. A great deal!


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