MY REVIEW: Everlast Nutrition Review + Giveaway-WINNER IS JESSICA TAYSE!!!

$48.75 (use code for discount TIFFDANN69)

Product Description
Everlast LEAN Weight Management System for Women is a simple, proven two-part approach to weight management and control. LEAN contains patented ingredients clinically proven to control appetite and boost your metabolism.

 ***Giveaway Details Below***
This is quite a unique offer that we've created. In addition, we will supply each site a media kit about Everlast Lean for Women Kit (images / text / facts). 

Each blogger will recieve their own unique referral code. 
The first 10-25 users to purchase using your code will recieve their order free of charge. 
You can use the code to offer the giveaway on your site of social media accounts. (@EverlastLean or #EverlastLean)
After the free units are depleted, the code will still work to offer a 35% discount to buyers


I love Everlast products. And now they have come up with some great supplements. I intermittent fast. And on my low carb days and days that I only run I  love to have a shake to break my fast and than a few hours later have a meal to use up the rest of my calories and end my feeding window. The taste was amazing. It really helped with my fasted days. I also used it on the hard working days I exercise and need the calories and protein. I am having a giveaway.I am also a ambassador for the company so click on the link below to check out their website..This is  a 2 day giveaway. Easy entry.

Here is the link to check out the site with Everlast: Use code: TIFFDANN69

Here is the link to get yours at Amazon:



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