MY REVIEW: Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion

Product Description
Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion has been utilized effectively for years in healthcare facilities in Australia.   For those who suffer the daily, unrelenting pain of dry, red, cracked, distressed skin proven relief is finally here.  This proven product, tested in healthcare facilities, has harnessed the natural healing powers only found in the oil of the macadamia nut.  This natural ingredient mimics the oils found in human skin and naturally replenishes essential oils to distressed skin, penetrating hurting skin to repair, restore, and renew it. 

Shown in two separate trials in healthcare facilities to improve the quality of distressed skin, this therapeutic lotion even showed a significant incident rate reduction in skin tears among long-term care residents. 

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion is dermatologist tested, fragrance and dye free, tested non-allergenic and safe for sensitive skin, absorbs quickly and will not stain clothing or linens. 


Good lotion without heavy fragrance. If you are looking for a decent lotion that is not watery, not too greasy, absorbs well and quickly to give that immediate relief I recommend this lotion. However, you do need to reapply this often if you have severe dry skin. It does not smell at all. Which is great if you wear a fragrance  that you don't want to clash with your lotion.  The texture is creamy but not overly thick. I use it on my very dry hands and cracked finger tips for immediate relief and it works well. I used it on mysons legs and arms at night and it seems to help overnight. It immediately removes that scaly, white, dry skin and you can see the lotion being absorbed in to the skin as you apply it. Pump is very convenient. Where I am at it is soooo dry. The water is even dry. Horrible.  I would purchase this product again. Really is a life changer with my dry skin where I am at now. I love it! Beauty 10.

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