MY REVIEW: Chiefs Energizing Face Wash

Product Description
  • Chiefs Energizing Face Wash, the best face wash for men, designed to wake you up.

    FRESH SMELL: With an invigorating mix of natural peppermint, menthol, rosemary, and eucalyptus - Chiefs Energizing Face Wash is a facial cleanser that has a strong but not overbearing smell that is perfectly designed to help wake you up.

    CLEANS: Chiefs Energizing Face Wash is a skin care product for men that is designed to clean your face by opening up your pores, smoothing out your skin, and eliminating acne.

    NOT DRYING: Packed in Chiefs Energizing Wash is natural Aloe Vera, which has long been used as an anti-irritant solution to help soothe and moisturize your skin.

    FREE APP: Comes with a FREE Alarm Clock app that you can use on Android or iPhone. The only way to turn off the alarm clock is to scan the barcode on the back of the face wash, making sure you use Chiefs to wake up and start your day!


Okay I love a good wash for my husband. I am so selfish with my products. The ones I love. And I usually have products for my hubby and his skin. It is important for men to have great products too. And just because their skin is thicker and much oilier does not mean that they should use products that are meant for men but have so many harsh chemicals and too much menthol. The products I use I have my husband use. When I worked for Estee Lauder,Clinique,Motives and Avon I always made sure my husband used products meant for his skintype. Now this is a good wash. Not a favorite. It has some great ingredients like Aloe. But it has some harsh that I do not want on my husbands skin. Certain chemicals can effect hormones. Lauryl Sulfate and Butylene Glycol are in this wash. And if you are a label reader too you know to stay away from these. If you are not this is a good eye opener energizing wash. My husband felt it tingled too much. And using it at night was not a good time to use it. So I have to give this a 4. Not a favorite. Especially that I have reviewed some amazing vitamin c cleansers that him and I both love.

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