MY REVIEW:For Fit Sake Weightlifting Gloves Review

Product Description

The pressure and friction you add onto your hands can cause callus build up and tearing of the skin. The For Fit Sake four finger weightlifting gloves are lightweight, comfortable and covers your delicate palms to prevent calluses and slipping during intense workout sessions. The four finger gloves were engineered to only cover parts of the hands that come in contact with the weights rubbing against your skin.
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I am loving these fingerless gloves. All the ones I have had in the past have worn out fast and are just bulky. Plus using my husbands are big too. And when I workout at home I tend not to use gloves. Because of them just being more of a hassle. I hate having calluses. I have seen these gloves on fellow Bodyrockers and I truly wanted and needed a pair. I am loving them sooo much. They also are small enough to fit in your pocket. This is a great buy and I have purchased a second pair for my home workouts!~ Tiffany

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