MY REVIEW: Protein Shaker Bottle Giveaway

Product Description
Protein Shaker Bottle  By Maximum Muscular, Leakproof, Massive 20oz Capacity, Extra Storage Compartment for Powders & Pills, Ideal for Athletes, Gym & Workout Sessions, Shatterproof, 4 colours

  • LARGE CAPACITY; holds a whooping 20oz of liquid. Serious athletes will certainly have enough supplements or refreshments to last them an entire workout session. Forget about breaking for a juice refill.
  • LEAK PROOF; you won't make a mess all over the place with this shaker bottle. The lid features a twist and lock system that keeps liquids safely inside. Simply close and shake without fussing about leakages
  • COMPACT DESIGN WITH EXTRA COMPARTMENTS; All-in-one solution for storing everything athletes need to make nutritious shakes. Thanks to the shaker bottle with compartment for supplement pills or powders within the same unit. You will have an incredible two storage spaces.
  • STYLISH COLOUR VARIATIONS; who said gym stuff has to be dull and boring? Add a little fun and attitude to perfect functionality with up to 4 pleasantly fashionable colours to choose from.
  • DURABLE PREMIUM PLASTIC; lightweight and sturdy plastic won't crack or shatter easily; It will not break easily. With additional packaging during shipping, you are guaranteed to enjoy your shaker bottle for a long time.


This came yesterday and we had to also hit the gym too. When I unboxed it the color was orange and it was the biggest protein shaker I have ever seen. HUGE! I am not much with drinking them anymore unless they fall in my eating window. But my husband on the other hand always brings a postworkout shake and supplements. He liked it because it was such a big monster bottle. He fit his powder in the powder section and his supplements in the other. All he had to do was fill up the shaker with water and viola! I am doing a giveaway. This a great item to have for you gym rats! I will post this again with the widget to enter!

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