Cardio Workout That Builds Muscle

Want a 15-minute kettlebell workout for today? Try the Armor Building Complex from kettlebell instructor and fitness author Pat Flynn. Yesterday afternoon, I headed out to Dragon Gym outside of Philadelphia and filmed a couple different workouts with him -- one that I created, one that he created.
Here's the one HE created -- it's a toughie, check it out!
2 x double clean
1 x double military press
3 x front squat
Then, immediately do:
10 x two hand swings
As Pat says, what's cool about this workout is that it:
1. Hits three really big, fundamental human movements
2. Let's you go really heavy, and get strong as sh**
3. Delivers a huge metabolic hit with the added swings
For the full post, and to see Pat and I walk you through the workout, go here:

(Oh! And the Lift Weights Faster library is BACK ON SALE through Sunday when you use the link at the bottom of his post, so if you missed it the first time around and you're kicking yourself because of it, here's your chance!)


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